Advanced Root Canal

  • • Highly Advanced Microscopic Root Canal Treatment performed at our Centre. Under Microscope its Highly Unlikely that we miss anything. Better we see, better we do

  • • Highly accurate Electronic Apex locator to find exact Point till we have to work

  • • Advanced Endomotors with all torque controls so that we do not harm tooth in any way

  • • Treatment Under Rubber Dam Isolation so that Our work Doesn’t get contaminated by Saliva and Patient does not get any problem

  • • Obturation with Warm Vertical Condensation Devices give a 3D filling of root canal space leaving no voids in between

  • • Use of MTA and Biodentine in special cases makes cases even more successful.

We Follow all International Protocols so that you get the Best possible Root Canal Treatment under most sterile and safe environment. To book an appointment with us Kindly give us a call or contact us