How Microscopic Dentistry has changed the way Dentistry is being Practiced?

A lot the important things about your mouth are microscopically small. If we do not magnify, many things can go unnoticed in your tooth The Dental Microscope: A dental operating microscope (D.O.M.) has been a key tool for endodontic (root canal) dentistry since 1998 overseas. In India the microscopic dentistry got its due around 2005. […]

X Rays: Are they Safe

X-Rays were invented by Wilhelm Rontgen in 1895 and these Radiations revolutionized the Medical Diagnosis and treatment planning. Plane X rays, CT scans and CBCTs all uses these radiations for various scans and Diagnostic purpose. Dentistry is incomplete without these rays. We need X rays for Successful diagnosis, root canal treatment, implants, flap surgeries, simple […]

I am worried about my wisdom teeth to be extracted. Will I lose my wisdom along with it?

Third molar or commonly called as Wisdom tooth is a very mischievous tooth and majority of time its playing tricks with your jaws by growing out of alignment in most cases. It usually creates a lot of trouble to the body it belongs to. It behaves like a spoiled child and many times create trouble […]

I want Straighter Teeth but I hate Braces, Is it Possible??

Straighter teeth, properly aligned teeth, who would not like to have them in their mouth? But the very thought of those ugly looking Braces keep many people out of the treatment they would have loved to undergo. This is even a bigger challenge if you already have finished your schools and colleges and are into […]