Replacing a missing tooth with Dental Implant can do wonders for your life

Missing tooth affects your life in many ways. We will now go into insights how replacing a missing tooth with Dental Implant will work wonders for you.

1) Eat whatever you like. Don’t Stay away from your favourite food
Avoiding your Favourite food??? Like to eat corn, cashew nuts or almonds, chickpeas or apple, but not able to eat, or we may say chew??? Live life at your terms and Eat what you cherish for. Let your Taste buds take centre stage again. Replace your missing tooth and get your chewing ability back.

2) Smile Confidently without hesitation
If you have a missing front tooth or even sometimes back tooth and you have a wide smile, you will not smile from heart. You will hesitate to smile. Do not let missing tooth claim your happiness and your life. Get them replaced with Dental Implants. We will match the colour of the tooth with colour of your natural tooth remaining. It won’t seem as if you have a missing tooth. And your smile will be back on your face and improve your personality.

3) Look young, Say no to early aging
When you lose your teeth, there is overclosure of your jaws which will lead to wrinkles around your corner of lips, as result you feel older. As soon as discrepancy is corrected , You start looking younger, fresher and more energetic.

4) It makes other teeth in your mouth to stay where they belong
Due to missing tooth, the adjacent tooth tend to take the space available. They tend to over erupt and try to take space of other tooth. As result the equilibrium of mouth is disturbed and Eating capability or chewing capability is reduced. Dental Implants will help you overcome this problem.

5) It will save your Bone and adjacent tooth:
When your tooth is lost, your bone starts resorbing. If you opt for a dental bridge, we will have to sacrifice little bit of your adjacent tooth structure to accommodate it. But with Dental Implants both these problems are solved.

What are dental implants???
Dental Implants are made up of Titanium or Zirconia and they are fixed into your jaws just like roots of your tooth and a crown is given over it. If done properly and maintained properly they can last really really long.

To provide the best treatment at 32 Stars, We use high Quality Biohorizons Implants, which are considered to be amongst best in the world.

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