3 Quick Tips to Improving Your Dental Routine

1) Start brushing twice a day : Majority of people brush only once a day. Night brushing is very important routine for your dental hygiene. Cavities are produced by bacteria which feed on the remnants of your food. They do so by producing acid. Plus there is less secretion of “The Great Buffer” Saliva to neutralize this acid release at night. The bacteria produce acid throughout the day, and even more when you’re eating, which is why you want to get rid of the film twice per day, especially at night when you have accumulated those for one whole day. If we don’t brush twice the acid by-products may eat into your enamel and cause cavities. The longer the film of bacteria sits on your teeth and the more food remnants these bacteria are able feed on, the more time you’ll spend on the dentist’s chair later on. But don’t head to the bathroom right after you eat: Dinner is a time of peak acid exposure, which softens the surface layer of your enamel. So brush after half hour of your dinner or the last snack you are taking for the day.

2) Know which brush to Use : One of the biggest myth the common person is having that harder my tooth brush is, the better the cleaning will be. The Bacterial film is very loose if not matured and can be removed with normal brushing and once the biofilm gets converted into tartar not even hardest of hard brush can remove it. So practically Hard brush has no advantage but has got a lots of disadvantages. Hard brush can damage your tooth enamel and gums. Once your enamel is gone, it’s very easy for other layers to get damaged. We recommend a soft brush, the softer it is the better. And kindly change your brush after every two months.

3) Make a habit to rinse after any snack: A common pandemic that’s occurring everywhere is that people have forgotten that they have to rinse every time they eat something. With life becoming fast and food becoming faster, the food has become with more carbs and less roughage. So it sticks beautifully with your teeth and gives bacteria an excellent medium to get adhered to tooth and probably for longer time. By rinsing you remove majority of remnants and the food also becomes less sticky.

Remember, there is a cure to most of the problems now so we have become complacent. But

Prevention is always better than cure.


dentistry is not costly, neglect is.

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