Is it time for My Dental Check-up? 3 Very Common Dental Symptoms overlooked by general Population

Dental Check-ups are necessary for all of us at regular intervals. Usually we often ignore minute problems which when left untreated at initial stages can increase with time. Any problem, when at initial stage, can be treated in short time and with minimum expense.
How many of us know that our body tells us “Hey man there is something wrong here” in form of Symptoms, which sometimes we ignore. Whenever the routine body mechanism is going wrong, you may feel some symptoms. Generally we ignore these symptoms and many times we learn to bear it or live with it and then someday you come to know that the condition has worsened. DON’T wait for that. Let’s revisit some of the common dental problems that get ignored-
1) Sensitivity to Cold and Sweet
The most common symptom and widely ignored symptom is sensitivity. It may be an early symptom of Caries, Tooth fracture, Gum recession, tooth brushing abrasion and many common dental problems. What do we generally do?? Instead of getting ourselves checked we Start using OTC sensitivity toothpastes, or turn to “Ayurvedic” toothpastes which contain Clove Oil, or Worse in many situations turn to “Nasmanjan” which contains tobacco. OTC sensitivity toothpastes and Ayurvedic toothpastes Stop your Symptoms but do not stop Progression of your dental problem which might have occurred. “Nasmanjan” apart from stopping sensitivity also takes you towards something more serious, “Oral Cancer”. Do not Listen to anyone apart from your dentist on ways to stop sensitivity. Kindly visit your Dentist before trying your Hand on any OTC product.
2) Bleeding from gums
Bleeding from gums while tooth brushing or just simultaneously is a sign of Gingivitis or Inflammation of Gums. When untreated, the symptoms go away in some time but at that time the inflammation has been spread to Tooth supporting Structure called Periodontal Ligament. This leads to Severe Periodontitis or called “Pyorrhea” is common language and ultimately will loosen the teeth and it will fall off. Its best treated when inflammation is within the gums and have not Spread onto Periodontal Ligament. Contact your Dentist as soon as you see first drop of blood from your gums
3) Food lodgement
Sometimes with time there are reports of food lodgement between two teeth especially posterior teeth. What we do is take a toothpick and remove it. But if food lodgement has suddenly started it may be sign of Proximal Caries or Gum recession. Do not Ignore this sign and consult your Dentist on all possible problem and solutions.

It is advisable to take a visit to Dentist every 6 months, irrespective of any signs and symptoms. But if you are not comfortable with the idea of regular visits please visit your dentist at least when some symptom arises. Do not let any Disease effect your life and your smile.
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