The Ultimate Toothpaste Guide

Whenever it comes to the word teeth, the first thing that comes to the mind is Toothpaste. We all are looking for that Ultimate toothpaste that gives us Everything, Healthy teeth, Whiter teeth, Good Mouth odour, Cavity free teeth. I mean its human tendency to demand everything from a single thing.
Well we just look at the type of toothpastes generally available in the Indian market and Pros and Cons of every tooth paste and what exactly you should look in a toothpaste while choosing your toothpaste.

Regular Use Toothpastes : Routine use toothpastes from Decent Companies like Colgate and pepsodent and Oral B is what we recommend in Day to Day use. Colgate Total Advanced Health, Pepsodent G expert protection and so many other brands with 1000 ppm of fluoride is what is recommended for a proper oral hygiene and maintenance. Brushing with these Toothpastes twice a day keeps your teeth healthy.

Sensitivity Toothpastes: There are many toothpastes available for sensitivity, which give you immediate or may be long term relief from the tooth sensitivity. There are many generations of sensitivity toothpastes, the current and most effective nowadays being Novamin technology that is available as Vantej or Sensodyne repair and protect. But Kindly do take these pastes after the suggestion from your Dentist only even though they are sold as OTC products. There are many Reasons for tooth sensitivity and sometimes underlying disease becomes so bad if neglected that it may become impossible to save your natural teeth later on. Sensitivity Toothpaste just give relief from Symptoms and Not the disease per se.

Ayurvedic Toothpaste: The biggest Myth is Ayurvedic toothpaste are pure Ayurvedic. Generally the companies put few Extracts of Neem, Meswak etc etc and keep other ingredients to sell it as Ayurvedic paste. Second We Don’t have much research published for Ayurvedic pastes so we do not recommend them. Third is few of them may be too Abrasive, esp Lal Dant Manjan, which leads to Rapid Loss of tooth structure. And lastly almost all of them have “Laung Ka tel” or Clove oil Which acts as the same way the Sensitivity toothpastes are acting. It just Tows down the symptoms, and you don’t feel pain, but Underlying Disease keep on Increasing and may destroy your tooth completely

Children Toothpastes: Pastes like Cheerio gel, Pedifluor are very popular for Children as they contain different flavors and Child brushes with them easily. But This is Not the Only reason why they should be used. These toothpaste contains less than 500 ppm of fluoride, so that if a child accidentally eats or swallows the paste I will not cause fluorosis. They are recommended for Children Below 6 Years of age

Whitening Toothpastes: A popular Myth Among general population is that White teeth mean healthy teeth. That is so not true. Colour of teeth depends upon many factors. This myth leads the youngsters to move on to whitening pastes. They do work and Teeth get Whiter but they lead to Loss of Enamel from tooth which is an irreplaceable loss. If you really want to get your teeth Whiten kindly visit Your Dentist for a professional Teeth Whitening.
And the Most Important thing to Remember: It’s the toothbrush and the Brushing technique which is More Important to keep your teeth healthy than your toothpaste.
We at 32 Stars Dental Clinic Recommend Brushing twice with a soft brush and Professional Cleaning at least once a year to keep your mouth and teeth healthy and strong.
At 32 Stars, We offer Membership Plans so that we follow the habit of regular Check-ups and follow a good health and hygiene. Kindly visit for all information on Membership Plans and treatment we offer. You Can also Contact on 9754854009 or 0755-4002520 for any of your queries.

Your teeth are the Most important and the first organ when you eat food. Do keep them clean and healthy to keep your body healthy

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