8 Years of Beautiful Journey

    12th December 2009, Cold morning, 32 Stars Dental Clinic was born at Kolar, Bhopal.

It was our pleasure that you all started trusting us from the very first day of our installation.

The Constant Improvement in our Service: From beginning we made milestones, We were the first in Madhya Pradesh to begin with Tooth Rejuvenation Center where we checked the Saliva and its Physical properties to see exact what is wrong in your mouth. We are thankful that you trusted us and many of you got benefited by this modern technology. From beginning we thrived to provide the best services that we could and slowly and slowly started upgrading ourselves. From beginning only we tried to incorporate Digital Dentistry to you by incorporating Digital Radiography from Day 1. Slowly we moved to more sophisticated instruments in Root Canal Treatment since 2012 and we became one of most trusted brand in our area. In 2013, We became the first center in Bhopal to have facilities for Stem Cell Banking from Tooth with tie up with Stemade. In 2014 We decided to Move on to a More Approachable area and one of the most popular markets of South Bhopal, 10 No. Market. We really thank all our old patients to keep your trust on us and started visiting us in that area also. In 2015 we became the Pioneer in Microscopic Dentistry in Bhopal and gave our Patients and access to something that they found only in Mega Cities of country. Since 2015, we are providing you with topmost international Protocols in Root Canal Treatment of tooth. In 2015 We became the first in Bhopal to Start with Internationally Acclaimed DSD (Digital Smile Design) for a better Looking Smile for enhancement of your personalities. In 2016 we became the first one in Central India to Start with Osseodensification even before the technology Entered Indian Market. We got the equipment from U.S.A. to help our patients get the best of what is available. In 2017 we are planning to incorporate some more equipment to provide you with the best of service what we can. Still there is a Lot and Lot to incorporate and we are sure that with your trust on us we will be able to upgrade even more.

The Constant Upgradation of Our Team:
We Started with only 2 People in Team, One Principal Dentist and one Attendant. As of now we are 9 members in the team. 2 Principle Dentists, 5 Consultants, 1 Attendant and 1 Receptionist. We are Planning to add one more Associate Dentist in our practice. It’s not only the numbers that were improved, it’s the Knowledge upgradation of team which also went hands in hand so that we could provide you with the best possible service we can. Our Principal Dentists continued their Education in field of Cosmetic Dentistry, Implants and Microscopic Dentistry, in India and Abroad, learning from the best in the World.

The Biggest Factor: What we realised that the biggest factor in our Journey and Constant Upgradation is the trust of our patients on us. We have seen Patients coming from faraway places to get the treatment here. We thank all our Patients from the City of Lakes, Bhopal, as well as from Other towns of Madhya Pradesh to Make us your choice of Dental Clinic when you need a Quality Treatment. We specially thank our from Patients from outside Madhya Pradesh who visited us which strengthen our belief that We should constantly upgrade our services because Our Patient’s Demand best from us and They Deserve Best from us.

We will always remain grateful to all our Patients and we promise that we will always strive to give our best services to them. Hoping for many more beautiful years of journey with all the beautiful people out there.

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  1. Heartiest congratulations to 32stars.

    May God always bless u all with good health , long life and bright future.


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