I am worried about my wisdom teeth to be extracted. Will I lose my wisdom along with it?

Third molar or commonly called as Wisdom tooth is a very mischievous tooth and majority of time its playing tricks with your jaws by growing out of alignment in most cases. It usually creates a lot of trouble to the body it belongs to. It behaves like a spoiled child and many times create trouble for its siblings (Other tooth) too. So many times it needs to be punished and thrown out from its place.
Now let discuss few myths associated with Wisdom tooth extraction and try to decipher them.

I will Lose my wisdom with this tooth: No dear, you are not going to lose any of your vast wisdom of the experiences you have had over the period of time, or the things you have learnt over so many years. The only wisdom you will lose is the so called wisdom tooth. Wisdom tooth is no way related to the wisdom in us, its called wisdom tooth as it usually erupts at 17-18 years of age, the age in which it is supposed that we gain some wisdom and start acting sober. This is the ONLY relation between our “Wisdom tooth” and actual wisom

My eyesight will become week after extraction: No way your eyesight is associated with the tooth. There is no nerve connecting both eyes and tooth. The myth may be because in some extractions, the block that we give, you may feel numbness till below your eyes. This is perfectly normal and doesn’t effect your eyes any how.

So We believe that you won’t be afraid anymore during wisdom tooth extractions. If you still wanna talk more about it, our Coordinators at 32 Stars dental clinic will be happy to help you for your queries. Kindly contact us through www.32stars.com or connect with our coordinator at 9770603132.

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