X Rays: Are they Safe

X-Rays were invented by Wilhelm Rontgen in 1895 and these Radiations revolutionized the Medical Diagnosis and treatment planning. Plane X rays, CT scans and CBCTs all uses these radiations for various scans and Diagnostic purpose. Dentistry is incomplete without these rays. We need X rays for Successful diagnosis, root canal treatment, implants, flap surgeries, simple fillings or even extractions. Dental fraternity will always be indebted of Wilhelm Rontgen for this discovery.

Are X rays harmful:
Like any radiation, excess exposure of X-Rays may be dangerous. Like all radiations it should be avoided in pregnant women due to its possible effects on foetus. For rest individuals it requires a large amount of dose to cause any harm. More or less esp in Dental radiography, the dosage is less than what’s considered to be Harmful

What we do to seek your Safety.
We at 32 Stars are aware of our responsibility towards your overall health. 32 Stars Dental Clinic is approved by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board of India (AERB) to keep the radiation under control. The levels of X Rays is being monitored and a report is made every three months about the radiation level of clinic and it is made sure that we are way below the maximum permissible limit.

At 32 Stars you will be assured of International quality treatment with international quality Safety measures, be it Sterilization or Radiation safety
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