Story of our patient Getting new bone and new teeth:

Sharing with you all story of Mrs. Ira from Himachal Pradesh who visited us four times in span of two years, just due to her trust on us and the way we treated her brother in law earlier. She was also victim of poor dentistry.
“ I saw my brother in law, Apoorv, being treated in a very good way at 32 Stars Dental Clinic. I also had Root canal treatment and used to get continuous Swellings for last 9-10 years. But they were not painful so I did not give a serious thought on them. But after seeing my Brother in law’s case I thought that I should also Give 32 Stars a try and see that if my condition can get treated. When I went there I was asked to get a CT scan done after doctor checked me and saw X-Rays in his own clinic. I went to get CT scan done on me. The results were shocking. Roots of my tooth had been resorbed and there was a Huge cyst in my bone with No Bone left. Dr. Himanjai and Dr. Richa explained me that it was due to a long standing infection and though they did not promise 100% success, they said if I am ready to visit the place for 4-5 times and ready to wait for 1.5-2 years they can give me most natural replacement, that is implants, and also can get my lost bone back. As they were my front teeth I was offered a Temporary prosthesis called Maryland so that I don’t look Ugly. I went through 3 Surgeries but after two years I have got my bone and my tooth back. Now the treatment is finished and I wish all the success to 32 Stars Dental Clinic for the future and wish that they keep on their professional standards high always.
With Lots of Love and wishes,
Ira S.”

We Thanks Mrs. Ira to have trust on us and patience as well to wait for the whole treatment and visit us on timely basis.

We at 32 Stars strive to give best quality treatment to our pts. We are one of pioneers in Microscopic Dentistry and Digital Smile Design in Bhopal. We follow all International protocols of sterilization and Patient care in our clinic. For more information kindly visit or call our coordinator at 9770603132 or call clinic at 0755-4002520

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