Why this Mom visited us while she was pregnant?

Mrs. Pratishtha Saxena walked through our doors to get herself checked. She was 5 months pregnant . Reason, she had swollen gums. Swollen gums during pregnancy is a very common complication and many ladies just Don’t do anything about it. The solution is very simple. We just did the scaling (Professional cleaning) and the condition improved drastically in two days. We told Mrs. Pratishtha how to brush teeth daily twice a day and from that day onwards she did not have any problem.
The reason for this is Hormonal changes. The condition is known as pregnancy gingivitis. The bacteria of oral cavity thrive on Pregnancy hormones. The Condition sometimes get worse and affects PDL and as results tooth may get loose. Pregnancy Gingivitis is also associated with Pre-Term Low Birth Weight Babies. So a message to all the pregnant Ladies out there, if you have swollen gums kindly go to Dental clinic which can handle the situation and keep yourself and your future baby safe.
We are privileged to help Mrs Pratishtha during her pregnancy and she gave birth to a beautiful and healthy girl, Tarini. Lots of love for Tarini and God bless her with all happiness

We at 32 Stars take care of our pregnant patients a lot and we use instruments which are Sterilized by Class-B autoclave which is considered to be the best method of Sterilizing the instrument. At 32 Stars you can be rest assured that you are getting the best possible care with cleanest possible equipments.

Kindly mail to us on 32stars.bhopal@gmail.com or visit our Facebook page or visit our website www.32stars.com for details. You can also contact our Clinical Coordinator at 9770603132 or call clinic at 0755-4002520

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