Sterilization in Dental Clinic: How we do it?

Hospital borne infections or cross infections can be a serious issue and a very prevalent issue in country like India. Majority of hospitals and clinics in India are not equipped well enough to carter these situations, Many places still old fashioned Boilers are being used and in many places there is nothing that is being used. There are umpteen number of deadly blood borne diseases that can spread through Dirty instruments in a Dental clinic set up, Like AIDS, Hepatitis B to name few.
At 32 Stars we take care of everything. Our Dental Chair is disinfected after every patient with Chemical Disinfectants, which is followed by less than 1% of clinics in the Country. Regarding our instruments, First instruments are wipes by Chemical Disinfectants, Cleaned in Ultrasonic Cleaner and then Sterilized in Class-B autoclave. Class B autoclave is a state of art autoclave with 100% killing of all type of Micro-organism including Spores. In many European countries clinics without Class b autoclaves are banned. In our city very few selected clinics Boast of Class B autoclave and ours is one of them. The instruments are kept in Sealed pouches or inside Ultraviolet chamber so that they remain sterilized till we start the work in next patient. At 32 Stars dental Clinic you can be sure that you are getting world class sterilized field and all internationally accepted protocols are being followed by us.
You can see the way we Autoclave in the video added below
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