I have lost my teeth, and want to eat again, Is it possible?

Often after we lose our teeth, many of us go to traditional options of Complete Dentures. And then there is a common complaint of not being able to chew properly. Is there any solution?
Yes Now a patient can opt for Full Mouth Implant reconstruction. Commonly 6-8 implants are placed in each arch and you are given a complete fixed set of tooth. Many time due to budget constrains, patient may opt for Implant supported overdentures, which will make Chewing of food at least better than Complete Denture.
In many cases the patient doesn’t opt for implants due to multiple surgeries involving sinus lift procedures and grafting procedures, But then we have a solution for that too. Now tilted Implants and Zygoma Implants can solve the problem for the patients.

We at 32 Stars Dental Clinic offer all of the following modalities. For more info Kindly contact on 9770603132 or email to 32stars.bhopal@gmail.com

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