I am worried about my wisdom teeth to be extracted. Will I lose my wisdom along with it?

Third molar or commonly called as Wisdom tooth is a very mischievous tooth and majority of time its playing tricks with your jaws by growing out of alignment in most cases. It usually creates a lot of trouble to the body it belongs to. It behaves like a spoiled child and many times create trouble […]

I want Straighter Teeth but I hate Braces, Is it Possible??

Straighter teeth, properly aligned teeth, who would not like to have them in their mouth? But the very thought of those ugly looking Braces keep many people out of the treatment they would have loved to undergo. This is even a bigger challenge if you already have finished your schools and colleges and are into […]

Is it time for My Dental Check-up? 3 Very Common Dental Symptoms overlooked by general Population

Dental Check-ups are necessary for all of us at regular intervals. Usually we often ignore minute problems which when left untreated at initial stages can increase with time. Any problem, when at initial stage, can be treated in short time and with minimum expense. How many of us know that our body tells us “Hey […]

3 Quick Tips to Improving Your Dental Routine

1) Start brushing twice a day : Majority of people brush only once a day. Night brushing is very important routine for your dental hygiene. Cavities are produced by bacteria which feed on the remnants of your food. They do so by producing acid. Plus there is less secretion of “The Great Buffer” Saliva to […]