Crown and Bridge

Crown is an Artificial tooth which replaces crown of a damaged tooth and Bridge is Joint crowns used to replace a Missing tooth.

We believe that whatever we deliver to the patient must be World Class. Our all Crown and Bridges are Prepared in India’s Topmost Labs: Illusion Dental Lab Mumbai, Katara Dental Lab Pune.

CAD-CAM restoration: Our all the prosthesis is designed by Computer so that there is almost no chances of error, All prosthesis are Designed by computer and Milled by Computer so that You get the best of the crown and bridges possible.

Tilite: Majority of our Prosthetic PFM are made by Tilite, which is Only metal alloy that is 100% medically pure. It is an alloy used by NASA for its space research and is currently the best Alloy for PFM Restorations. You get a certificate of Authenticity also to check its Tilite that you have got.

Zirconia: We use only Bruxzir, Czar, Lava or Zolid Zirconia which are considered to be finest in their class.

Li Di Si: We use Emax or Vita Li Di Silicate which are the most esthetic and life like Materials available.

Be assured that the crown and bridge you will get will be of world standard and you will be getting world class services.