Tooth Colored Filling

Tooth Coloured Filling Benefits

  • They contain no mercury
  • They bond better to teeth
  • As they bond better to teeth less drilling of the tooth is required
  • They are more aesthetically pleasing
  • They caused less long term fractures than silver fillings (Amalgams)
  • They have less long term sensitivity than silver filings as they have no metallic particles

Tooth Coloured Filling

32 Stars is focused on cosmetic dentistry and offer white fillings as part of their restorative procedure. White fillings have certain advantages over silver (Amalgam) fillings. Before having a filling placed talk to us about having it done in white. If you have old Silver fillings that you would like us to change then, again, we are happy to offer this service to you. Just ask.

Tooth coloured fillings are used to fill in cavities and protect your tooth from getting infected. Tooth coloured fillings are made from either a composite or glass ionomer and are secured onto the tooth with either a chemical reaction or resin.

Composite Tooth Coloured Fillings

Composite tooth coloured fillings contain powdered glass and ceramic which is added to a resin base. This type of filling is not as hard wearing as an amalgam filling.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

Glass ionomer fillings are made from powdered glass which chemically bonds with the tooth. This type of tooth coloured filling is normally applied to milk teeth or inside the composite filling in deep cavities.

Deciding Whether It Is Suitable For You

Whether you have a tooth coloured filling or not is determined by the extent of the damage to your teeth. You will be informed if a tooth coloured filling is suitable for you during your consultation.